April 2011

"Cowboy Ernie Sites is becoming a regular part of our school each year. For the past three years Ernie has been coming to our school to do a "Cowboy Poetry" workshop with our students. The first year he also did an assembly with rope tricks and singing. While this was very entertaining, I could quickly tell that the magic of "Cowboy Ernie" was in his personal approach with students. He takes genuine pride in the accomplishments of each student he works with and makes them feel that they are the most important people in the world and makes them feel like genuine authors. He is able to work effectively with students at all age levels in our K-8 school as he can adjust to his audience through out the time he is here working in classrooms. We keep him busy while he is here working with as many students as possible because it is such a positive experience for them.

Ernie always remains positive and enthusiastic no matter what we ask him to do.  He sings, he hollers, he yodels and plays a fine guitar. He is funny and engaging, but most of all, he conveys a sense of happiness at all times.

<span">Ernie is genuine in his approach to teaching children to use descriptive words in simple poetry to paint pictures with their language.

Our students adore Cowboy Ernie, not just because of his cowboy hat, handlebar mustache, or neckerchief. They love him because he genuinely makes them feel good about the writing he has them do. He is a gifted teacher first and foremost and a good cowboy second. It is a perfect combination as all students he works with are fully engaged and learning as a result of his abilities as a teacher.

Cowboy Ernie is a rare find.

Tom Churchill, Superintendent/Principal

Hood Canal School District, Shelton, WA


April 2013

Hi Ernie,

Just a quick not to say THANK YOU for your generosity on Wednesday. Your performances were energetic, informative, entertaining and fun, and your workshops were a real treat. I have been organizing the cultural arts programs at my school for over 5 years, and can say with confidence that your program was my absolute favorite!

Again, many thanks. Your times was a real gift to our little cowboys and cowgirls at PES!

Christine Koobatian, Connecticut



It was great seeing you again. As usual, you put on a tremendous show for the students. They all thought you were fabulous. A few students didn't realize you were a "real" cowboy. They thought I was joking. The creative writing part also went well. Both groups of kids had a great time. I hope you can come back to my school next year.Patricia Espejo,  Academy One,  New Jersey


"I would like to extend our gratitude for your April performances at our schools.  Your program was entertaining and educational!! A very good time was had by all.  Wishing you many happy trails ahead in your quest to keep the American Cowboy, his songs and his stories a vital part of the American culture"- Maija Earl of the Simsbury PTO Cultural Enrichment Committee. Connecticut

November 2008

It was a pleasure to welcome Ernie Sites and his Cowboy Poetry lesson to our school and to our fourth grade classes. Mr. Sites' gentle encouragement and instruction motivated each of our students to try their hand at Cowboy Poetry. His presentation was so engaging that, days later, student were still asking if they could work on their cowboy poems and were excited to share. We would look forward to welcoming Mr. Sites again next year, as it is a memorable writing workshop for all students. Thank you again,

Jennifer Bainbridge and Traci Wade. Fourth Grade Teachers, Loomis Grammar School, CA

This program is something that the staff and students alike look forward to and enjoy being able to be part of. Ernie's enthusiasm is highly contagious, and his energy and motivational skills help even the most reluctant student enjoy engaging in both writing and reciting.

Rick Judd, Principal, Loomis Grammar School, CA

It is always a pleasure to welcome Ernie Sites to my school. Ernie brings an unbridled enthusiasm for poetry to my 7th grade students. He carefully shows them, and then teaches them that writing poetry (and good poetry at that) is withing the grasp of all my students. He does so in a way that actively engages all of the students with his gift of encouragement. Students who are resistant to perform in class shine as Ernie gently molds them into poets. The students and parents are proud of the finished work that many of the students have the opportunity to perform for the public. As a teacher, cowboy poetry with Ernie Sites is one of the weeks that I really look forward to!

Melissa McCormick, Loomis Grammar School, CA

The following are excerpts of thank you note for the sponsors of the Cowboy Poetry Workshops

"Events often occur at a school that are simply great for kids. Once again from the kindness of your heart and the knowledge that kids need these types of experiences , your company has made an event happen at our school.... Our 120 4th and 7th grade students learned the skill of writing Cowboy Poetry. Your generousity of sponsoring this type of creative writing workshop, led by Ernie Sites, was a thrill to my heart.....

Glenn Lockwood, Principal H. Clarke Powers School, CA

I would like to thank you for sponsoring our cowboy poetry event. This event gives the students a wonderful opportunity experience a lively and entertaining creative writing workshop. The time that we get to spend with Ernie each year is wonderful! The kids love him. Each year the students coninue to develop and become better poets. The really enjoy drawing and writing about the old west. Bill White, 4th Grade Teacher ~ H. Clarke Powers School, CA

Please allow me to speak for all my 4th grade students in thanking you for the opportunity to work with Ernie Sites again this year. Cowboy Poetry is an event looked forward to by all of my students. It gives them a chance to be creative in ways they are not normally used to. The results are terrific and the students learn a great deal from Mr. Sites. We all truly enjoyed the experience....... Please know you have positively affected a group of 4th graders. They learned much about the "Cowboy Life" and poetry in general.    Steve Harbor, Teacher ~ H. Clarke Powers Schoold, CA

January 2009

Ernie has the charisma of Santa Claus..... The children are compelled to line up & share with him their 'fresh' poetry! We love Ernie!

Sandy Sandvick, 5th Grade, Springcreek, Nevada

It has been my pleasure to attend the creative writing workshops present by Mr. Ernies Sites for the last four years at Spring Creek Elementary. I have had the privilege of taking my 5th grade students to these presentations. I am always amazed at the quality of writing Mr. Sites draws from my students. He is able to engage the students while helping them to create a well written piece of writing. Mr. Sites has a talent for reaching even the most unwilling student, students that even I, as their teacher, have had a hard time reaching. Mr. Sites is a very talented singer and poet however; he is also a very gifted teacher as well. I appreciate Ernie's devotion to the students and future writers.

Mrs. Tausha Cooper, 5th Grade Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary School, Springcreek, Nevada

Ernie has a knack to making poets out of all students, from the one who absolutely hates to write, to the student who struggles and even to the best of writers making them even better. He engages the students with his entertaining ways making his own poetry come alive and leads them on to the creation of their own poetry. Each student proudly recites their poem to Ernie who makes each student feel like he is the only one in the room that Ernie is listening to. If Ernie wated a second career, he should take up teaching full time!

Mrs. Patty Pason, 5th Grade Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary, Springcreek Nevada

"Ernie Sites even motivated the 8th graders to sing-a-long, moo like cows and yodel!" Jim Brescia, Principal,  Paso Robles, CA

"The 1st graders really enjoyed Cowboy Ernie. The teachers also learned which was fun! A worthwhile assembly!"
Cindy Spencer, Bauer/Speck School, Paso Robles, CA

"Cowboy Ernie was great with the kindergarteners and kept them engaged the whole time!" L. Babcock, Teacher

Here's a comment about my recent school program at Maple Hill School:
"I hope you enjoyed your visit here as much as we enjoyed having you here. The children and faculty/staff were captivated by your performance! I'm more of a city girl than a country girl and I know I had a great time moo-ing and singing along with you! Happy trails!" June 2011,  Maple Hill School, Connecitcut

It was great seeing you again. As usual, you put on a tremendous show for the students. They all thought you were fabulous. A few students didn't realize you were a "real" cowboy. They thought I was joking. The creative writing part also went well. Both groups of kids had a great time. I hope you can come back to my school next year. Patricia Espejo, Acadmey One, New Jersey February 24, 2011

** Outdoor Adventure Field Trip

This program was active for five years.  It was a tremendous amount of fun and well received by school administrators, teachers, students and parents.  All of us had a great time and we hope to be able to do it again in the future.  Thousands of school age children and their growns up got to enjoy a taste of western culture in an outdoor setting and have a lot of fun learning and having great interactive experiences during the performances, animal shows, art program and of course Cowboy Ernie Sites and his "Singing The Stories Of the West" show.

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